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Virus Protection - Site Backups - SSL Secure

At NowSoft, you always get our BEST Small Company Website design. We decided to build these websites with ALL of the necessary tools to make your website useful, secure and informative! So we set out to find some of the best software manufacturers that would compliment and play well with all of the other website components. We think we have found those manufacturers! Of course, there is always a possibility that something could go wrong, but we have a defense for even those occurrences! Your site will be backed up on a regular basis. It is our company policy to keep several copies in the cloud so that we can restore your site back to normal if such an occasion should occur. Google's new chrome browser has a warning pop up if any site is not SSL secure from now on. We have already taken care of this for you as well. Below are the 3 main products in our security package. Ready to get the BEST website ever?

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Site Backup

All of our backups are sent to a secure cloud storage. We keep a regular backup of your website. Should you ever have an issue that you spot, simply shoot us a quick email and we will usually have it restored within 24 hours.

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Site Security

Site security is extremely important. Giving your customer peace of mind is exactly what we want to do! All websites will have a strong SSL security certificate protecting your site. No free SSL certificates used here!

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Virus Scans

Viruses are nasty!! No one wants to be hacked or have a virus wondering around your website waiting to attack your site or potentially someone's computer. We use the BEST protection. Keeping you safe is our business!

We use some of the best technologies and companies to assist us in keeping your website running at it's peak performance. However, nothing is 100% and we can not control any mishaps that may occur with another company. You can rest assured that we will do whatever it takes to maintain and protect your website!

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